Doin Lotsa Nothin  (Plenty of free time)

John (Chester’s dad) and Bob (their neighbor) are kickin’ back on John’s front porch enjoying their newly found freedom from the tedium of employment.

John has his guitar and Bob (who is a pretty good whistler) join together in song and a few beers.

Mary, less appreciative and more than a little annoyed at their apparent lack of enterprise, interjects a cameo “pipe down” punctuated with an irritated door slam to add to the ambiance of the moment.

They are also joined by one of Bob’s chickens and a transient frog.

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What’s next?

The second installment of the Trilogy examines how the town copes with what may seem like a hopeless situation.

Is it hopeless? You’ll just have to wait to find out... But there's more...

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