Happy Boy  (About Chester)

John and Mary are very proud of their boy, Chester, and want him to be happy in his life.  But they are a little concerned about his future.

Growing up, he seemed like the other kids, but his parents honestly believe there may be something special about him.

It could be that they are just typical parents who believe their child is extraordinary, when he really is just… simply ordinary.

Because he is an only child, it is difficult to compare him to other children. The only things for certain are that he was a happy child.

He liked to make toys out of odds and ends he would find around the house, and he would spend a lot of time by himself tinkering. He was all boy, and sometimes he would forget to tie his shoes.

Once his laces tangled up so badly they caused him to fall out of the tree he was scaling. The result was a cast on his arm that everyone signed. It was all part of growing up.

He was “just another kid from our home town, watching his life unfurl. Could he be that special kid to make a change in the world”?

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