Trouble Town

Part two of the Trouble Town trilogy is the album titled "Trouble Town". 

While the town suspects there may be serious  trouble on the horizon, everyone must decide for themselves what they will do next. Should they try to weather out whatever comes? Should they leave the town that has been their home since their birth?

The tracks on this album are thought provoking, beautiful, moving, and yes -- even humorous.

Roots Run Deep   Home   Happy Boy   Friends   Ornery Jake   Tomorrow Becomes Today   Misfit Toys   No One   This is the Day   Doin Lotsa Nothin   PREVIEW!!  

Only Steve and Ted know what's coming up next...

To hear more of the story, you will have to wait until the release of the next (complete) album: Trouble town. In the mean time, we are going to give you a teaser of the title track from the upcoming album.
We hope you like it.

Play the Trouble Town album title track:   

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