Misfit Toys (Inside
Chester’s laboratory)

The scene switches to a makeshift “laboratory” assembled by Chester.

He would go on all sorts of treasure hunts trying to find raw materials for his “toys” as he called them.

To the casual observer, there was an overwhelming cacophony of auditory and visual delights.

To Chester there was real beauty in his “symphony of weird”. He greets visitors to his laboratory saying, “Welcome to my world of misfit toys”.

Looking around you realize that the kid must be pretty darn smart, because he assembled all of these gadgets out of cast off materials of others…”the things you tend to throw away will find their way to me some day, ‘cause I can see the beauty in chaos”.

He continues, “If you look and are confused, there’s not a single centrifuge that isn’t under my complete control”.

In looking around his laboratory, there is an obvious question:

Is perhaps Chester the biggest and most interesting of the laboratory’s misfit toys?

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