No one  (
The first victim of the town’s failure)

While there is a strong ray of sunshine in Uncle Jake finally coming to grips with his loss, and Chester apparently being happy tinkering in his laboratory, the tremendous high of the Badger’s win is quickly deflated by the report of the factory actually being shut down.

There was a similar announcement about the mine when it was scaled way back.

For the kids about to graduate this was a terrible blow, and some took it pretty hard. Where would they find jobs? How could they afford college? Jimmy, was especially terrified and so despondent, he fell victim to drugs.

He was a good kid and his death was ruled accidental. No one could bear the thought that his death was intentional… although it was strongly suspected. Most everyone thought they just could not speak of this horror.

For a memorial service at church, the whole town joined together to support Jimmy’s family and friends. His parents were in complete disbelief. What had they done to deserve this?

No one -- no matter their station in life or sins that they themselves committed, “should have to bury their child”.

Everyone mourned Jimmy’s death. It could have been any one of their children or their parents.

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