Roots Run Deep (
It's Championship Friday)

The story begins with folks in the town square celebrating the local football team, the Badgers, making it to the finals. The whole town was excited about the prospect of them winning the state championship. They really needed this win.

Things had been getting a little uncertain in town with the threatened close of the factory that employed many of the townspeople. There were also hushed rumors going around that the local mine was in trouble.  A big football win would help them rebuild their confidence and raise their morale. This is their town, and their families have been there for 200 years. Their roots and pride run deep.

Chester was a friend to the team, and attended high school with the team members.  Although he wasn’t a football player himself, he ingratiated himself with the team and the town by repairing the old darkened score board. It had fallen into disrepair after many years of the Badger’s losing seasons.

He knew this year would be different; he felt in his bones that they would WIN!

Like the whole town, he anxiously awaited the final game in the evening. “They have to win, he thought, “The town needs it.”

Chester’s father, John, was on a business trip, but pushed hard to get home in time for the game—this was a big deal not only for the town but especially for his son. This was Chester’s last year in school and he had a future to plan. He was ready to change the world or at least make a dent in it.

The title track on the album (Roots Run Deep) celebrates the town and the townspeople’s commitment to it.  “Our neighbors are friends, their neighbors are too”.  If someone aches, everyone feels it. If one is in need, all who can, will help them. “We’re not getting rich, but we are proud”. “We mark growing children with lines on the wall; from when they were little to when they were tall”. 

Family is their focus and they are fiercely dedicated to it. This extends to their whole community—they are all part of an extended family.

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