Tomorrow Becomes Today (Jake bares his soul)

With the echoes of the annoying overly-happy kids fading from his vantage, Jake sits down and looks back at the horrible heart break of losing his wife.

She was a remarkable woman. She had that rare beauty that came from within. She was thoughtful, considerate, wholly supportive, giving, and the only woman that Jake ever loved.

They were high school sweethearts and he never looked at another. They were made for each other. They could complete each other’s sentences and never fought. In fact, they never raised their voices at each other—there was never a reason.

They were not blessed with children, but Jake told her that was never a problem because he “had plenty of them” at school.

After she was gone, he was never the same. The magic had left his life and his passion for teaching - and even living - had gone. It was as if all the lights had been turned off and he was trying to find his way around in the dark.

He became dour and dark, and even his brother could not reach him to help. That is why, for nearly a decade, the brothers lost contact and there was no compelling reason to reconnect.

Maybe today would be different. Jake sat there in the dark of the evening feeling sorry for himself, and hoping it could all change.

He scratched jumbled sentences onto a blank page:

Hoping… “Morning time the sun will rise (and maybe) this emptiness will be forgotten. But will there be a little less of me then – as a man still alone”?

As a song circles around him, he again mourns her loss, and continues scratching down notes until the sun actually begins to show itself just as the dawn begins to break.

Can I still keep mourning?  Could it possibly be morning already?

But he then says with a voice that he had suppressed for years.

“Then the sunlight beams and tomorrow becomes today”! He writes that down.

After he wrote that sentence, it was as if an enormous weight had been lifted off his shoulders,

He realized that he is no longer in the darkness of the night, and today is new day, and he can make of it what he wants.

It was a simple, but very powerful thought when he took it to heart. It was as if his beloved had visited him and removed the deep pain from his heart. This IS the DAY for him.

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